Service Calls

Carry In:

    Bring your equipment in during our business hours.  We take the time to understand exactly what your issue is, and do the appropriate diagnostics on the spot.  If more lengthy diagnostics are required, we will set your machine up on one of our service tables, and run extended / looping diagnostics.

We will give you an estimate of the time your repair should take, as well as the costs associated as the case may be.


    Can can come to your home or office, and diagnose where and what your problem is.  Sometimes it’s a quick fix, other times we’ll need to make a return visit.


    We have many clients that use a local courrier to deliver their equipment in for servicing.  Upon reception, we fill out the service form, and email it to you.

If you are able, do a backup of your data before bringing your Mac to us.  Having a current proper backup when your machine is in for service is incredibly important.  If you’re not able, we can set you up with a backup drive, or do a temporary backup upon request before we service your machine.

Continuous updates:  By phone, email or iMessage / Txt.  We will keep you updated with the status of your repair.  Just let us know your preference for updates.